Francia® Retractable awnings are one of the safest and strongest awning system available in the market.

An awning which predominantly is an overhanging structure attached to the exterior wall of a building.

The Francia®Awning system (except for the part, which is covered by the fabric) are WHITE POWDER COATED which give the system excellent ecstatic appeal compared to natural anodised systems.

As stated in our website, the Francia® Awning arms are probably the only ones in the WORLD, which even if forced to break WILL NOT DROP OF THE MOUNTING POINT thus reducing the possibility of damage to property & risk to humans who might be under the awning. No other brand of awning whether available locally or overseas has this BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURE (BISF).

Now this another product value for money that will not leave you disappointed.

Feel free to check out or for more on the Francia® Retractable Awning.

Francia® Retractable Awnings

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