Retractable Awnings are simply Outdoor shades that provides your place with shade from Sun and Rain.

Do you know that Retractable Awnings can cause Injury to you and damage to your property if they snap, dislocate and drop on you or your property?

But with our Francia® Retractable awning arms, you can have that fear out of your Mind.

As a consumer, you must ask your supplier (including us) the following questions:
What is so Special about our awning system?
How strong are your awning arms?
How safe is your awning system?
How strong is your System as compared to others?

As stated in our website we take pride to announce that our arms are probably the only ones in the WORLD, which even if forced to break WILL NOT DROP OF THE MOUNTING POINT thus reducing the possibility of damage to property & risk to humans who might be under the awning. No other brand of awning whether available locally or overseas has this BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURE (BISF).

What is a Retractable Awning?

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